Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Art Portfolio Post Term 3 2016

Description: We did art and we have done a self portrait and a story in the backround about our lives. We first  did a draft and we were learning about blending colours and mixing colours. I think I did ok on my art but I could of stayed in the lines a bit more. This is my art.

Feedback/Feedfordward: I like the self portrait of yourself but you could make it more colourful. Jayden P

Evaluation: I think I did fine with colour but I could do it neater.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Excellence portfolio post Term 3 2016

Description: This term our goal is Excellence/Panekiritanga, We made a post about Panekiritanga, l am making a post about it and we have a slide about Panekiritanga. Panekiritanga means Excellence. Heres the slide.

Feedback/Feedfordward: great work at showing what Excellences looks like. But maybe you should add a bit more information in your slide or your description. Sam R

Evaluation: Thanks for the feedback Sam but I think I could do a bit more on my slide.

Book Buddies portfolio post Term 3 2016

Description: In Term 3 we started to do something different, Its called Book Buddies. First we got a piece of paper and it had all these questions like, Whats your name?, What kind of books do you like? all the kind of questions. The next day the teacher chose our buddies and I go chosen with Max and he is a really good friend of mine. Then we chose our book and our coach and our coach is Suzanne. We started doing workshops and reading our book and doing activities at school for the last 7 weeks. Then we made a slide with the activities and discussions we did. Here is our slide.


Feedback/Feedfordward: I think you and Max did well with that book but maybe you can read a harder book. Jayden P

Evaluation: I have been reading a new book and it is really hard so thank you Jayden.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Measurement Portfolio post Term 3 2016

Description: At the start  of Term 3 for Maths we were learning measurement. We got a test about weight, measurement, length and capacity, We marked our test out of 5 and the first test I said 2. About 3 weeks later we got the same test again and I rated myself a 3. It was really hard but here is my slide.

Feedback/Feedfordward: I think you are so close to a 4 but you could work on making it clear. Sam R

Evaluation:  Sam I do think I could make my work cear but I also think it is nearly 4.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

E T Reo Portfolio post Term 3 2016

Description: For E T Reo we have learnt what a Whakatauki, A Whakatauki is a kind of like a quote but it's a little different. We have a Whakatauki that says, He aha te mea Nui o Te ao? He Tangata, He Tangata, He Tangata. Which means, What is the most important thing in the world? The people, The people, The people. We made little people because the Whakatauki says the people so I'll show you the kind of poster and my little person.


The whole thing:

Feedback/Feedfordward: I like how you added some detail in your clothing and your lower part of the body. Next time you could fill in the gaps in the head and make the eyes the same and in the same line. Kyan

Evaluation: I agree with you Kyan, but I only had a couple of minutes left to finish so I couldn't get it perfect.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Writing portfolio post Term 3 2016

Description: For writing I wrote a a story called Killer Virus at Betactiao and it's about a killer virus at Betactiao and my goal for writing is organising ideas. We have wrote little story's and been planning other story's, This is my story. It took ages.

Feedback/Feedfordward: I think you did well with your story but maybe you could put more detail in it. William B and Jayden P

Evaluation: I do need to put more detail in my story's so thank you, I agree.