Sunday, May 29, 2016

Maths portfolio post 2 Term 2 2016

Description: For maths I did a test for stage 6 and I did quite bad but I got 38% out of 50 questions so I got 19 questions right. To pass the test you need to get over 80% which is getting over 40 questions right. Here is my test.  I think I did worse than last year.

Feedback/Feedfordward: I think you did good on your test but you can use more strategies. Jonty

Evaluation: Thanks for the feedback Jonty and I agree with you. But I could of done better but I need to get up early so I was really tired when I did the test but I still could've done better.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Math portfolio post Term 2 2016

Description: For Math we did a really hard question which is really hard and we tryed to crack the answer like always and I have managed to crack it in 2 days and here is the question and the answers but if you want to do this then don't look at the answers.

Feedback/Feedfordward: I like how you showed how you did it but you can make it more readable next time. Jake

Evaluation: Thanks Jake for that and next time I will make it more clear to read and I still think people can still understand my learning.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Cloud diary Term 2 2016

Description: For our weather inquiry we made a cloud diary and everyday we took a photo of the clouds and after that we wrote down what the weather was like. Examples (Sunny, Forecast, Cloudy, Rainy and a lot more) and that was basicly it. Here is my cloud diary.

Evaluation: I have done well with taking photos everyday and it only took me 30 seconds each day.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Inquiry Experiment Weather Portfolio post Term 2 2016

Description: At the start of the term we did different inquiry's. Troy's whanau class did Weather, Ellys did Seed 2 Table and Nics did the Moon. First we made a barometer and when the straw is high that means it's gonna be hot. If the straw is low that means is gonna be cold. Then we chose to do 1 experiment each and Jayden Shaun and I chose the same one. Indoor Rainbow if you want to watch the video here is the link.

Feedback/Feedfordward: I like the way that you achieved your science goal. Next time you can work on not getting to excited just do a yeah we did it kind of celebration. Shaiv

Evaluation: Thanks for the feedback Shaiv I really do agree that we should just be like yay we did it kind.

Scanning Grid

Description: Today for my workshop we were looking at scanning through writing and we had articles that we scanned through then we put what we think on a piece of paper. We dident finish but one was about the moon and another was about a weather report world record. This is what I did.

Evaluation: I think I have done super well in my workshop but I could've got more stuff done.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Japanese Term 2 2016 Portfolio Post

Description: Konnichiwa I am learning the language called Japanese. We have been learning how to count in Japanese. If you don't know go search it up. We have been thought by a wonderful teacher and her name is Kelly. If you want to know some Japanese check this out.


Feedback/Feedfordward: I think that you don't need to Search up how to count in Japanese because you have the slide so you can go on the slide and learn from it. What I like about the post is that you explained that who was teaching you Japanese. Shaiv😀

Evaluation: Thanks Shaiv I could have thought of that better but it's fine and I should of put more things in that we learned but it might be a massive description then.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Maths workshop fractions 7x Term 2 2016

Description: For my maths workshop we learnt a lot more of fractions. Scott told us a number like 4 then we had to make a number is a quarter of a number. It could be like a seventh or a third or mabey even a hundreth. This is what I did for my seventh.

Evaluation: I have done great today and I think that's because I have been practising a lot.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Reading 2 Term 2 2016 Summarising

Description: Today I have been to my 2nd workshop for the week and we read are article (if you want to read it here it is and Its about the moon and we have to make 3 main points.

The sunny side of the moon is hotter than boiling water

Their is no oxegyn on the moon

12 men have walked on the moon between 1969-1976

Monday, May 9, 2016

Math Term 2 2016

Description: For math I have been on a web site and I have done some diffulcult fractions but I have managed to finish it. This is my learning.

Evaluation: I have done well and I have been on track I could of made all of them 3 stars

Writing workshop 1 Term 2 2016

Description: For my writing workshop I have written a sentence. This is my sentence

Evaluation: I think my sentence was pretty funny but I think I can do better

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Handwriting Term 2 2016

Description: This term we have done a poem and we only had 5 minutes to copy it on our paper. We have 3 goals, Legible, Accurate and fast. This is what I did.

Evaluation: I am sure I have done pretty well on the poem but I think I can do better but say that I am a 2 for fast, 4 for Legible and 4 for accurate.

Spelling test Term 2 2016

Description: This term we did a spelling test and just to let you know I got 292/300 so WOO HOO. On my sheet their are words that are highlighted ad sthose words means they were wrong. This is my sheet and these are both sides of my sheet.

Evaluation: I think I have done well with spelling this year because I dident get 10 I got like way way way way more than that so I am pretty happy with myself.

Maths post Term 2 2016

Description: This term we are working on fractions for maths and for maths I am on some apps and working on a whiteboard. This is my learning.

Evaluation: I think I am doing well with fractions. Yeah I know I know quite a bit about fractions but I still  need more learning.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Graffiti Art 2016

Description: On the 2nd to last day of school of term we did some art of graffiti and we chose a word that can be a nickname, a goal or something but it has to be 1 word. The max of letters we could use was 5 to 1. This is my art. You can also do this. The word I chose was A-Team

Evaluation: I think I did good with my art cause it's really detailed but I think I could still do a lot better.