Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Jokestar

Description: We read a story called ‘Licked’ by Paul Jennings. In our writers notebooks we wrote down any ideas that we could so we could write about it later. We chose ideas from here and wrote about them using the PIES Model (Persuade, Inform, Entertain, Self). This is the result. My story is called JokeStar. I hope you like it.

"What did you say about your sister" Mum shouted "She is very ugly" Gus shouted. "SHUT UP, DAISY IS NOT UGLY. GET TO YOUR ROOM NOW" Dad shouts with Anger. "AHHHHHHH, WHY DO I HAVE TO BE IN THIS FAMILY". "SHUT UP GUS. YOUR GROUNDED FOR A MONTH". Dad shouted while crying. "I HATE ALL OF YOU, DAAAAAAAANG". The next day was April fools "AGHHHHHHHHHHH" Mum creamed. "What is it Daisy" Dad shouted "It's Mary and there's a WHITE TALE" shouted Mary. Gus runs down the stairs and quickly grabs the white tale. "It's fake". Gus explained. "GO TO SCHOOL" Mum shouted as loud as she can. Mums face looked like it was going  to explode. Another way to put it is that her face is as red as a Tomato. "Ok, Time to be a Jokestar" Gus whispered to himself. He sees his friend and he go's over to him and he tells him a joke. He does that all day, At the end of school Gus sees his crush. He go's over to Katelyn and tells her a joke. "What did Winnie the Pooh say to his girlfriend" "what" "Hey Honey". "Wow your such a JokeStar. The End

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Writing portfolio post The Mystery At Horror Camp

Description: In Poutama we went to camp and we made a story about camp and we had a choice to make it up or let it be real. We get to choose what story to upload and we ge to choose which one was the best writing we have done this year. This is my favourite from this year and it is about camp so I hope you like it. Guess for its real or fake

                                                             The Mystery
                                                           At Horror Camp

No Way, I'm going to camp this is the best day of my life. El Rancho, best name ever, so cool. 10 more minutes and I'm there. OMG there is El Rancho. Lunch was amazing and I did horse riding. So much fun now it's time to go to sleep. It was weird, Louie disappears, everyone was worried so we had Breakfast, Lunch, Activities all that normal stuff. Then the second night Fletcher disappeared.

As normal everyone was worried so we did normal things like normal. Then the third night Luke disappeared and everyone was worried. There are no more nights left but everyone was glad and worried. Glad they didn't get taken, worried they will never see Louie, Fletcher and Luke ever again.

We got on the bus then Houston saw a man wearing black cloths holding Louie, Fletcher and Luke. I told everyone (Even the bus driver) there's Louie, Fletcher and Luke so everyone leaped out of the bus. Everyone was scared, Should I tell you why, Nah Hmmm... Maybe. Ok I have an idea if your younger than 5 don't read this part. Ok The guy had a gun, yes a gun.

But everyone was safe because Sam's Dad is a policeman and he handcuffed the man and took his hood off. It was Shaiv all along but everyone safe. Until Shaiv broke out of the handcuffs, do you know how. This is how, He has special powers (This is all of his powers Strength, Flight, Reflexes and move things with his mind).

He flew up into the sky so Louie, Fletcher, Luke and Houston joined up to defeat Shaiv. When Shaiv was up in the sky everybody made a power remover but they could only make 4, so Louie, Fletcher, Luke and Houston got 1 each. So when Shaiv got down we all used the power remover and it worked.

So Sam's Dad quickly handcuffed Shaiv and he took Shaiv to the police station and everyone else went to The Adventure Park in Levin. So that was the best camp of my life now it's time to have yours. Just remember this story is fake but I did got to El Rancho in Waikanae, Go to camp it is so much fun.

At camp there might be Rifiles, Archery, Mini Golf, Flying fox and a lot lot more. So go to camp oh and remember, this story is FAKE. OR IS IT. Before we left we saw shaiv's son. No one could get a word out of him so Sam's Dad locked him up too.

You won't believe it, HE BROKE OUT. but he came to us and he told us his name is called Jonty. But Jonty dident realise that he was in the same cell as Shaiv so he Broke Out. Well when I say Shaiv is Jontys father, well he's not. This is the story, "I'm 10 and I was born in 2/9/2005 and my real father is Steph Curry and I'm not evil, I'm good and I have superpowers" Jonty said.

"Yeah right" Houston said then Jonty flew up into the sky. "What the, How did you do that" Houston said "Superpowers, you dumb and also I am the best kid in the world at basketball" Jonty Explained to Houston. "Your the best alright, now come to me Jonty" Shaiv shouted. "Never you WERE my real father until Stephen Curry came" Jonty shouted.

"Who cares, Come here, OR ILL KILL YOU" Shaiv shouted. Louie, Fletcher and Luke got a bow n arrow and aimed it at Shaiv. Houston and Jonty got a rifle each and aimed it at Shaiv. "Give it up Shaiv, it's all over for you" Jonty said while crying. "Oh, is it" Shaiv shouted not that loud, "Yeah, it is, EVERYBODY NOW. Everybody shot their bow n arrow and rifle at Shaiv.

2 Bullets are in both arms and 3 arrows in his legs. Then the police came and they saved Shaiv but took him to a high standed prison. The End

Feedback/Feedfordward: I think you did good with the detail next time you could make it a bit shorter. #Jonty

Evaluation: Thanks for the feedback and Feedfordward next time I will try to make it shorter.

Tycoon-Pick Your Path-Story 2

Description: This is a Pick your path story and if you don't know what a pick your path story is check out the last one. This story is called Tycoon and a Tycoon is basicly buisness. I hope you like my story.

Pg 1
A couple of days ago you got a job of being a buisnessman but your actually and eployee. Go to Pg 13 if you want to read the story. Go to Pg 28 if you don't want to hear the story.

Pg 29
You take the green t-shirt then you go to work. But you get fired because you are only allowed to wear Black and Blue.

Pg 13
Great your in for a treat so as you know your and eployee and your boss is called Samuel. You have a best friend called Troy. Now Troy is a bit naughty so he gave you a task. Go to Pg 7 if you take the task. Go to Pg 36 if you don't take the task.

Pg 28
Well you don't want to hear the story. That means it's 

Pg 7
You take that task and the task is to rob a bank so you and Troy rob the bank and Yes, You go to jail.

Pg 3
You cut the red and blue wires and your computer crashes then the electricity runs out forever.

Pg 36
So you don't take the task and then your on your break. You go to the cloths store and you see two t-shirts you really like. Go to Pg 29 if you take the green one. Go to Pg 42 if you take the blue one.

Pg 54
You cut the green and yellow wires and it works but the it's 3:00 and that means it's home time so everybody leaves but Samuel. The End

Pg 42
You take the blue t-shirt and when you get back to work you see someone familiar. You see your brother Jeff and he is a Teach Guy. Something is wrong with your computer. So Jeff doesn't know what to do but your not 100 percent sure. You need to cut two coloured wires. Go to Pg 3 if you cut the Red and Blue wires. Go to Pg 54 if you cut the Green and Yellow wires.

Inventions-Pick Your Path-Story 1

Description: I'm making a series of books made by me and I am making books of pick your path. If you don't know what a pick your path is its where the story ask you questions and you can choose your way and it ends in a different story. This is a story called Inventions so I hope you like it. 

Pg 1
A couple of days ago John won a invention contest and whoever won get's to meet the famous inventer, Dr. Thomas. Go to Pg 23 if you want to here the story. Go to Pg 15 if you don't want to hear the story.

Pg 23
Ok but this isn't just any old story, you get to pick your path. So John made an invention where you can understand anything. Cows, Dogs, Cats you name it. So as you know whoever wins gets to meet the one, The Only, Dr. Thomas and of course John wins. Now he needs to make a choice of where to go. Go to Pg 29 if John go's to the cave. Go to Pg 41 if John go's to the Lab.

Pg 41
Well you made the right choice and he's lucky he dident meet Gross Gary. Anyway you are so pumped to see Dr. Thomas so when he comes he starts to welcome John. John made an another invention that can freeze anything and he called it, The Freeze-Ray. Go to Pg 36 if John interrupts him and he shows Dr. Thomas his Freeze-Ray. Go to Pg 9 if John waits.

Pg 15
Well you don't want to hear the story. That means it's 

Pg 29
John go's to the cave and it was ok until he meets the worst person ever invented, John meets Gross Gary. Then he can't get that means he trapped there forever.

Pg 36
John interrupts Dr. Thomas and he shows him the Freeze-Ray but Dr. Thomas doesn't like people interrupting him so he sends John home.

Pg 27
John go's to his work and it was a wire problem, I know BORING but wait. He had to choose which wire to cut. Go to Pg 50 if he cuts the red wire. Go to Pg 16 if he cuts the blue wire.

Pg 9
John waits until he stops but unfortunately he doesn't stop until he gets a phone call from work."Something broke down at work, Do you want to stay here or come to my work?" Dr. Thomas said to John. Go to Pg 11 if he stays. Go to Pg 27 if he go's to his work.

Pg 16
You cut the blue wire and it worked blut unfortunately it has been an hour. So John went home but that was the best day of his life. The End

Pg 50
You cut the red wire and the whole building blows up. 

Pg 11
John tells Dr. Thomas he will stay so when he leaves John looks at all of his insane inventions. When Dr. Thomas got back he saw John pick up one of his inventions so he sends him home.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

I statement video

Description: In Poutama we got back with our group and we talked about a I statement. So we made a video of a good I statement and a bad I statement. Here is the video.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Family Tree

Description 1: For E Tero we did something called a family tree. If you don't know what is it read this. If you do know what this is you can skip to the next description if you want. So a family tree is you start off by making yourself then you go further for example Parents, Uncles and Aunties, Siblings, Grandparents and so on. 

Description 2: I made a my family and we learnt Maori words for people on our family like Papa, Koro, Kaihana and a lot more but I dident finish my family tree and do you know the Maori name for family tree, Whakapapa, This is my Whakapapa

Half Sister-Rebecka
Half Brother-Adam
Half Brother-Tyron
Matenes Ex Wife-Christian
Matenes Mother-Patricia
Matenes Father-Koro
Cousin-Issac (Ihaka)
Lornas Father-Clifford (DEAD)
Lornas Mother-Lilian (DEAD)

We have been learning Moari names of names like grandfather and all of that. Here are all of the pictures we got of the Moari names.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Camp Portfolio post 2016

Description: Last week Poutakumanua and Poutama went to camp. If you don't know what you do in camp well you do a lot of activities. We went to camp in Waikanai and guess what the camp was called. El Rancho, I know the name is amazing and we did 10 activities. There was like Rifles, Waterslide, Pool, Archery, Mini Gold and lots lots more. Oh I almost forgot you stay for a few nights at camp and I missed my parents so get ready. This is what I wrote in my camp diary.

Feedback/Feedfordward: I think you did good a describing what you think about the questions. Next time you could work on maybe making it a bit tidy so they can read it. #jonty

Thursday, March 3, 2016

One Word portfolio sample 2016

Description: We did something to make a goal for the year but we didn't do anything. All we had to do is think of a word for a goal for us. I chose the word Strive I chose the word Strive because I want to strive to get into the a team for summer soccer and basketball and other stuff. First we thought of a word. Second Elly took a picture of us. Third we measured our sign. Fourth we practised our sign. Fifth we started our good copy and mine turned out like this. Go try this out too.

Feedback/Feedfordward: you did a good job at writing your one word and decorating it but you could  make it a bit more clear. Trey

Evaluation: Thanks for the feedback and feedfordward Trey but I think thats my best art I have ever done but I could make my one word a bit more clear.

Camp Goals

Description: For camp we made 2 goals for our selves and one had to be for and another is a goal that you do and I chose my goals. My first goal is to overcome my fear of weapons and my second goal is to make new friends. These are my goals on the diary.