Sunday, November 13, 2016

Prep 2016

Description: In 2016 we started doing something called Prep. So on Friday (3 days ago when I made this post) we did a market, But let's go back to the start of Prep. First at about the end of Term 3, We got into a group of three, I was alone and I couldn't find anyone but then Mike and Finis asked me "Hey Houston, Do you want to be in our group" and of course I said yes. Mike and Finis had an idea of doing a maze (kinda like the Maze Runner) and people pay money to go on Minecraft and do the maze in about 1 minute. But that was a service then we couldn't do that, Then we had another idea of doing a sandpit dig but that was taken by another class. Then we decided to do paper planes and paper plane books or sculptures. We did a survey and Paper planes and paper plane books won, but we then changed to cookies but then it was to expensive because we only had $20. Then we decided to do albums because Nic is a music type of guy and he was our Prep coach. We started making songs and we made our covers and bought our albums and blank disks. Nic thought us how to burn the disks (which basically means getting songs onto the disks) then we did that 10 times then we were done and Market day was 1 day away. If you didn't come to market day, It was really fun and one day you could set up something like this. Here's our slide we did to plan everything.



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