Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Inquiry impact project Dino pit

Description: For inquiry we had to go in a rotation and after that we had to choose who is our favourite, seacond favourite and our third favourite and I put impact project with Rebecca as my favourite, 3D printer with James as my seacond favourite and I put arcade games with Suzanne as my third favourite. I got put into Rebecca which is impact project and we had to do something or add something to the school or where you like and Louie and I chose to do a Dino Pit. The Dino Pit is like a sandpit but there are bones you need to dig up and we are doing activities like fix the bones, find the bones etc. We say for the game which is find the bones we chose trilobites as 5 points, very small bones are 4 points, small bones are 3 points, medium bones are 2 points and big bones are 1 point. The trilobites are made out of brown clay and the bones aren't dinosaur bones but they are cow bones and we made dough and we filled a full tray with the dough and we squashed the bones into the dough and we had something on top of it I can't think what it was but then there were holes in the dough shaped as the bones and we filled in the holes plaster of Paris and then we flattened it then we bring it outside to dry and when it drys they are really strong but can break easy like glass. This is the dough, trilobites, bones and the plaster of Paris and we also made 2 batches of dough which is quite a lot.

In the future Louie and I want a lot of people playing in the Dino Pit and once we leave we still want the Dino Pit to stay.

We thought outside the box because we weren't just gonna do it random days or everyday we chose to do it Monday Y1 and Y2, Wednesday Y3 and Y4 and Friday Y5 and Y6 and its only at lunch on those days.

On Wednesday the 1st of December 2015  Alistair came (We called Alistair and asked him to come and he runs the Dino dig at Te manuwa) to our school and he brang some stuff like dinosaur poo, trilobites, dinosaur claws etc. These are what he brang and we had some much fun with him and it was a great discussion. SHOUT OUT TO YOU ALISTAIR.

These six bones are the ones we are not allowed to keep but allowed to borrow and copy but we grabbed one more and it looks like a platypus.

What made you choose this inquiry? Louie and I want to work together and we both love dinosaurs and we both love treasure hunts so we just put dinosaur and treasur hunt together and its makes Dino Pit and that's how we got it

What was the proudest moment in your inquiry? My proudest moment is probably when Alistair came and we had a talk for about 45 minutes and you see those pictures on top that is his and I took the photos when he was here and Louie and I made a letter on pic collage saying thank this is it and he gave us some bones to borrow which I was really proud of

What do you think was going to be easy but took a lot longer than you thought? We thought making the bones was going to be easy but then we tried but it was to difficult. We tried 3D printer and different things but it didn't work and we asked to use the 3D printer but we have to wait ill everybody in the 3D printing group finishes so we have to use the 3D printer next year if we can

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Self managing, directed and agentic wall

I think I am a Self Directed learner because I have been better and helping people with there learning

The goal that I am currently working on is I am a positive role model for others

The things I need to do to achieve this goal are be a positive role model for others