Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Inside the game Term 4 Week 1

Description: I chose this book because I love games and my dream is to be stuck inside a game like pac man. It appeals to me because it looks like gold or even better (Diamond) (Titanium) (Iron) (Emerald). Inside the game hooked me in by the juicy words and I loved it when I only read 1 page. I think the book is in video game and all day and night around the time but mostly 11.30 or around that. I'm pretty sure that the book is about a person or people stuck in a video game. I think that because it pretty much says it in the title.

Title- "Inside the game" it sounds amazing and when I heard the title I was amazed because I love games and I play game and watch games after school and the title "inside the game" I was for sure correct if I was right they did a good job with the title

Cover design- It looks awesome because with the crown, computer, castle and a diamond I was just amazed when I saw the cover. The title "inside the game" on the cover looks pixely like minecraft and that is perfect cause minecraft is a video game

Blurb- I like how it says there are missions and how much there are and there are 7 missions and it just sounds awesome and it tells people where the video game is and it is at uncle regs computer basement

Predictions: I think this is what is going happen in the book. People or a person get sucked into a game and they don't realise it until a couple of hours later they realise there stuck in a game

Reading follow up:

1. Both Amy and Chris are only children, do you think being an only child might help you connect the way they think and act: No because there not twins and if Amy wasn't invented Chris will still act the same way and if Chris wasn't invented Amy would act the same way.

2. "Amy got up from her chair. I get sick of all this stuff. Fighting Fighting ..." What questions can you ask about violence in video games? Why do game makers make R18 games sometimes when only adults can play it witch means less people plays it. Do you think video game makers rely on violence to sell video games? Yes. What is your opinion? My opinion is for the game makers that makes violence games not to much violence cause less violence more players.

Reading follow up task 1. Why do you think the author introduces a typical fairy-tale type of princess? To make it more like a game type story. Do you think this style of princess make Chris more or less likely to want to save her? I think it would Chris would more likely to save her because when you say typical fairy-tale princess that reminds me of Cinderella and sleeping beauty and others like that

Reading follow up task 2. Why do you think the author constructed the setting of the game in so much detail? To get people hooked into the game. What purpose is there behind using so much detail? To get the readers read a lot more

What questions do you have about the book from what you have read so far?

How many more places will they need to go before they go back to the normal world?

Is the dragon smart?

How did he know the riddle?

How will they capture the dragon?

Are they going to let it go, kill it, capture it or tame it?

Is the dragon that caught Amy typical of all fantasy dragons? Yes because it is like The dragon in Shrek. What connections and comparison can you make to other dragons that you have read about. e.g The hobbit, how to train a dragon etc? The Hobbit, How to train a dragon, Lord of the rings and Shrek.

What is reaveled about Chris' character by the way he deals with freeing Amy from the dragon? He love video games and he is a expert at that game but he can't get past the last level. 

How do you think Amy feels as she try's to rescue Chris and the Princess from the chasm they have fallen into? I think she might be scared and might have butterfly's. How would you responde if you were in that situation? I might have save them to.

 What connections can you make with Chris' experience with fear? My dad was taking me home and there were so much bees and I was so scared but we had to tool it and we sprinted into the house.

Do you think someone that isn't a fan of video games could still relate to this story or do you think you have to know about video games before you read? Well, they could relate to this story if there like Amy or the princess.

What do you think about ther arrival of the Raja birds (Pg.93-94) Should Chris and Amy accept the Princess’s assurance that they will not cause them harm? Yes because she is from the kingdom and she would probably know quite a lot about Raja birds.

What other connections can you make to where birds have been used for fantasy flight by humans? I can't really think of one.

What questions do you have about the book from what you have read so far? What's going to happen next and are the Raja birds peaceful.

What are the text to text, text to self and text to world conections you can make with what you have read so far? I have read a story with a basement and the uncle owned it and it had a lot of games, I have been basement in a basement with a lot of games, I can't think of anything in the story that has happened in the world.

Meet with your reading partner and discuss how you can relate to any of the experiences that Chris, Amy or the Princess have been through.

Chris goes ahead to inspect the signpost saying “Distance to the Valley of the Mountain Beast - Endless.” What do you think the sign prompts? It is the valley to the Mountain Beast but the path never ends.

Why do you think the title of Chapter 11 is called ‘A Preposterous Idea’? Because they might have a preposterous idea.
Chris and Amy talk about the prospect of going home once they have delivered the princess safely.

What questions do you have about the book from what you have read so far? I have none it awnsers do all of my questions and it is just so good.

How effective is the author’s description of the Mountain Beast? (Pg.123) What images do you get in your head? I would say it was really good but more explaining.

What issues are raised about animals in captivity in the real world in this last chapter?  They can get sick. They don't want people in their habitats.

How does the author use the incident in the lake to surprise the reader? Because action makes people hooked in.