Monday, June 22, 2015

Connections poster

Description: For the tic tac toes I chose one and I chose connections posters. For the connections posters we had to do a poster talking about text to text, text to world and text to self and there is an another one. Text to media but we don't have to do that but I did it anyway and this is my poster.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

KapaHaka portfolio sample

Description: After lunch on Monday we go to 2 different places at 2:00 pm. At the start of the year we get to choose if we do KapaHaka or not. I chose to do KapaHaka because I like to dance and sing a little bit. I have learned a lot of songs so I have got the hang of it. At my old school I have been doing KapaHaka and I was only 5 and 6. I have been doing KapaHaka for 5 years and some of the songs from my old school has a couple of the same at Russell St School. I have 2 photos of me doing KapaHaka at Russell St School.

Big Idea: 
At kapahaka I enjoy learning the new songs because I like hard challenges.

I am most proud of knowing the songs off by heart even if there hard.

I find doing the karakia challenging because the words a quite difficult to say fast.

I am managing this challenge by copying what the people say around me.

A personal goal for me is to look ford instead around me.

Our school wide focus this term has been around showing excellence. I show this at kapahaka by showing some little kids the right actions if there not doing them right.

FeedbackFeedforward: I like how you show the little kids how to do the actions. Next time you can try lip sink the words in the karakia.Tane

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Maths portfolio sample

Description: For maths we are in maths groups. There are Ebony A, Ebony B, Ebony C, Troy A, Troy B, Troy C, Elly A, Elly B, Elly C. I am in Ebony C and we have been learning rounding and compresating, Reversibility and adding and subtracting. My goal is adding and subtracting. Ebony, Troy and Elly sent us an email about us spending money at rebel sport and they gave us some questions. These are the questions at the bottom of the picture and under the photo will be my awnsers.

Big Idea: When I did my maths in my book I used adding and compresating but I did my strategy on a white board.

FeedbackFeedfordward: nice strategy's but you really need to work on writing more tidy because I can hardly read the maths.#Lachlan

Evaluation: I think I did well with my goal reversibility. I think I am ready for a new goal and I probley want my new goal to be adding and compresating. I should take a picture of the working I do on a whiteboard.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Hare and the tortoise

My goal is comprehension.

Comprehension success criteria: Text to text, text to world, text to self and making connections.

Descripton: For 7 weeks we have been doing tic tac toe and workshops. We have to go to 2 work shops a week. The workshops are for 30min and we have 3 days to do 2 workshops and 3 tic tac toes. For week 1 to week 5 we have been doing CMIYC that means catch me if you can. For CMIYC we have been learning about defence. We have been doing drills and skills. For week 6 and week 7 we have been doing gymnastics. For week 7 we have no workshops and we have to do 1 tic tac toe. Week 7 is now by the way. For my tic tac toe this week I am doing read and connect. For read and connect we had to read the story The hare and the tortoise. We had to read 4 questions and awnser the 4.

Here are some images from the story

Here is the story of you want t read it
Once there was a Hare who used to laugh scornfully at a Tortoise because he plodded along so slowly. "You never can get anywhere with those short legs of yours. Look at my long legs! They're so swift no one would dare race me."
All the animals of the forest were tired of hearing the Hare brag. At last the Tortoise said, "If we were to run a race, I'm sure I would beat you."

The animals were astonished for they knew the Tortoise was the slowest of them all, and the Hare, bursting into loud laughter, cried, "What a joke! That slowpoke thinks he can beat me! Come on, Mr. Tortoise, you shall see what my feet are made of. Why I can beat you before you are even half-started!"
"You'd better not be too sure," cautioned the Tortoise
All the big and little animals gathered to watch the race. At the signal the Hare leaped forward in a great bound and soon left the plodding Tortoise far behind him on the dusty road. Looking back, the Hare could not even see the Tortoise after a little while.
"Hum-m, I've as good as won this race already," the thought, "There's really no reason to hurry." So, as the sun was very warm, he decided to rest a bit under a shady tree. "I'll come in way ahead of that Tortoise, anyhow," he told himself.
Soon he was sound asleep. the little rest stretched into a good long nap.

Meantime, the Tortoise jogged steadily along on the hot, dusty road, ever so slowly, but surely, and soon he passed the Hare who was still peacefully sleeping.

Quietly the Tortoise plodded on nearing the goal. When the Hare finally woke up with a start, he saw the Tortoise just reaching the finish line far ahead and he could hear all the animals cheering the winner.

Boastful and careless, the Hare had lost the race. Now he would never again be able to count on his speed!

These are the questions

Q1.Who won the race and how? 

Q2.What was the moral (or lesson that can be learned) from the story? 

Q3.Write one text to self connection you have made with the story. 

Q4.Write one text to text connection you have made with the story.

These are the awnsers

A1. The tortoise won because the hare took a long nap and the tortoise quikly went past and won

A2. To not boast because you could lose

A3. My brother said "you really want to race me" but I did he said he will win but he was wrong I won and he was 3 years older than me

A4. I had to vs my other brother and he thought he could beat me but he was wrong again I won and he was 4 years older than me

Feedback/Feedfoward: I like how you made your own doc and had the awnsers in there you could improve on the spelling of the words Kyan

Evaluation: I think I did pretty well with my answers to the quistions

Science presentation

Description: For the last couple of weeks we have been doing science but not really science we just call it science but sometimes we call it inquiry. For inquiry we have been doing presentations. We can do different presentations like iMovie, Pic collage, slideshow, song, dance and ect. We have to choose a animal or mammal. I chose a megalodon shark and I did a pic collage. I put a lot of effort into it and tried my hardest and I hope people learn new things about a megalodon shark. I can show you my pic collage of a megalodon shark hope you like my pic collage.

To think like a scientist
To talk like a scientist
To act like a scientist

My busting qustion is why are megalodon sharks teeth so big

FeedbackFeedfordward: I like you did your presentation on pic collage and I hope its going to go good for you but you could improve on the way spelling. Kyan

Evaluation: I think did well at the research because the research only took about 10 minutes but maybe I could improve with my spelling like Kyan said.