Thursday, October 30, 2014

2014 athletics goal

In long jump push off with your weak foot
Run straight
Don't bend back or I will get a less score
Don't slow down at the end

The boy who went to the north wind

 WALT:write a book review


The boy who went to the north wind


Martin Bailey

Telling about the character

He is helpful


He is funny because he tells some funny jokes to distract the innkeeper to get his stuff back

A big event

The boy gets a magic cloth from the north wind for food

What he looks like

Brown screwed up hair

Blue T-shirt with 2 red stripes

Peach shorts

Peach skin

Fluffy eyebrows

Orange shoes

Big muscles

Black dotted eyes

Long neck

Small mouth

Pointy nose

Long nose

What he does in the story

Brings home a golden sheep and goes to the innkeepers house for the night and comes home with the magic cloth