Thursday, March 27, 2014

Maths sharp shooting

 Houston got 7 12 21

Liam got 21 42 46

Lachlan got 41 44 33

Amy got 31 43 46

Rosalind got  23 28 38 

Serena got 23 25 35   

Two stars and a wish 2

I made a two stars and a wish and here it is my rwo stars and a wish

Rock climbing

I arrived at hiland home.I was having fun on the first day.The next day I had some really fun activitys.The next day the first thing I did was rock climbing.It was really high I was scared the
that I might fall off but luckily I had a rope around me.I was scared that he might drop me.I was climbing and climbing in till I miss the rock.It was scary but I was brave then.I climbed and climbed and climbed and then I stoped for my hands hurt so I climbed again.Then I couldn't get the other rock because my hands were slipping off the rocks.I kept on going and then I made to the TOP.I was proud of my self that I made to the top because it was really hard.The end.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Draft story 2

I started at kapuinui school.Iv been there for 2 years and then I moved to pamoston north.Then
 I changed schools to Russell street school.Iv been at Russell street school for 2 years to.The second year I went on camp with my class.It was a 45 minute ride there was a rock climbing tower,a abseiling tower,a rifal cabin,a cricket set,a helicopter landing,a hall,a dining room,some cabins,some home steds and a space that looks like a playground but not a playground.The next day I did lots of some activitys and the food was really good.I was having fun doing activitys.The next day I did some more fun activitys.The next day I was sad because we have to leave.But the good thing is that we get to go to the lido for a swim for 3 hours and then back at Russell street school.The end

Draft 1 story

I went to a place called highland home.I did lots of activitys at highland home.I arrived and then I looked at my cabin.Cabin 6.when I got in I sore bunk beds with no sides.I wanted to sleep on the bottom of the bunk beds.when the bus drove in I sore a rock climbing tower.It was 12 meters high.I was so exited.The next day I did some activitys.I shot a rifle but it was so hard.first I got 7 then I got 12 then I got 21.The next activity I did was rock climbing.I was exited to do rock climbing.I just did rock climbing it was fun because I got to the top go the tower.Next I did abseiling it was really fun.I was jumping down the tower I was like cheek me out and then I jumped at the tower sideways.BANG.Everyone was laughing.The next activity was caving.I needed to look out for a cut down log,a lake and 100 yeah old tree.I found all of them and then I found the cave.I went down it was very dark.I poitned my torch at 5 wetas it took one hour to go through the cave.There was a skinny stream and there where some skinny parts.I tried not to fall in the stream but I couldn't keep my balence.I got wet but I didint get hurt.I keeped on going.I got to the end and I sore the glow worms.I went back to the start but we went another way back to the start.It took 15 minutes there and back.The next day I did slip and slide.I didint like it much because people where kept sliding back and kneeing me and taking my turn so I got dressed.The last activity was earthbors and it was really fun because I get to yous the go kart.I tried the earthbors second and it was hard to turn the earthbords.I kept using the go kart.The next day I leafed hiland home and the bus took us to the lido.I was having a lot of fun in the race river.3 hours later I needed to get dressed again and leafed the lido and back at Russell street school.The end

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

My clay maker

I made a ball with clay and vinegar and the vinger makes it stick and SHINY and here is my ball of clay

Monday, March 24, 2014

The angry scary cave

I arrived at the place we went in and then BANG I hit my big head on the small roof of the cave.I was walking through and then there was a noise that sounds like a scary eco.I was quite and another noise I herd.I trout I was day dreaming but I wasent.we where scared but we kepted on going we where nearly there.Then there was a small stream from a hole in the cave.we tried not to step in the stream but mostly all of us fell over on the rocks and in the stream.Then we walked further.Then we got to the end.We sore the glow worms and then they where GONE.We went back and we got free.I was happy.I got some fresh air.Then some people went with NO PERANT.I didint go without are perant because I was scared that my torch might die and they leave me behind.I hope I don't hit my head on the roof hard or I will be SCREMING like a little baby.

Thursday, March 13, 2014


WALT make a stem and a leaf graph


My first goal is to make more friends at camp.
My second goal is to overcome my fear of heights.
WALT right our goals in our book and complete our goals at camp.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

WALT set smart goal

This is my goal that I want to overcome at camp.
WALT look at our goals to complete at camp

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Houston's graph

Two stars and a wish

WALT make a two stars and a wish on comic life and other things that we can do.

Chiddle waddle diddle waddle doo

Run run and shoot a water gun
Run run with sticky buns 
Run run because your number one
Chiddle waddle diddle waddle 
Walk walk with coopers halk
Walk walk and double talk
Walk walk and double talk
Chiddle waddle diddle waddle doo
Sing sing with an turkey wing
Sing sing for a wedding ring
Sing sing in the highland fling
Chiddle waddle diddle waddle
Chiddle waddle diddle waddle
Chiddle waddle diddle waddle doo.
Walt are learning to make poems that are intresting and we us a app called rhyming zone on safari.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


If you haven't had a infectoin and then you got close to someone with measles that means you are going to have measles maybe!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Old farmer figgins

Old farmer figgins was an old farmer diggins who lives with a higgins

Long 5 year old trip

She took a long trip with busy road in aukland and this is a map of where she went.what could be bad to the girl?
How old is she?
How tall is she?